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Posted on 05-27-2015

Do You Suffer with Sciatica or have you been diagnosed with a Herniated Disc?  Check out this video about 3 exercises that can help!

Today, I'm demonstrating 3 excercises for sciatica, as well as, lumbar herniated discs.
Typically, when the discs will herniate, typically the discs will move posterior which is backwards. They may move laterally,meaning one side or the other. But, typically the first position that it will move is posterior or backwards. So what we are going to do is I am going to show you 3 exercises that you will do to help move that disc more anterior or forward. So here we go:

The first exercise you are going to get on your stomach just like I am and your going to go ahead and your going to have your elbows on the ground and what your going to do is is arch your back and you are going to hold that for about 2 minutes. And basically for some people that are really acute they may be a little bit too sensitive for this. So what you will do at that point is is you will take a pillow and you will decrease the amount of extension in the back. So what you will do is you will just do this. So there is still extension just not as much. And that is how they will alternate that exercise. That is the slight modification for that one.

Now the second exercise your going to do is you are going to is your going to take your arms and you are going to have them over here about paralell to your shoulders and your going to arch your back up like this and you are going to hold that for about 6 seconds and repeat that 6 times. Now that may be too much again for some people that are very acute. So what you are going to do at that point is your going to decrease the amount of arch in your back and your just going to hold that and that is what you will do for that exercise.

This is our third and final exercise. You are going to go ahead and you are going to want to extend so you are going to actually place your hands behind your back and you are just going to go ahead and lean backwards and you are going to hold that for about 6 seconds and you are going to repeat that 6 times. Now if you are very acute of if your patient is very acute that might be too much so we have a modified version of this one as well. And what that is is you are going to put your hands against the wall and what you are going to do then is you are going to lean backwards and you are going to hold that for about 6 seconds and then you are going to relax and then repeat that 6 times.
That concludes the 3 exercises for lumbar herniated discs as well as sciatica which is pain, numbness, tingling, weakness down the leg. Hopefully this video created some value for you. If you would like more information, please check our youtube channel "Dunnellon Chiropractic" on youtube if you just type that in your browser and also check out our website: www.dunnellonchiropractic.com. You can also give our office a call at (352)489-2995.

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